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Evony Mobile

hey Evony, i love this game, but you know what would make this game more popular and even better, is if it became and app for the iphone,droid,smart phones,etc, everyone is talking about itand i bet it would even be in the top 50 in the app store, if it costed anything i would buy it,instead of logging on alaptop or desktop i can get even easier acess and just upgrade a building or talk to my alliance on my phone would be awesome, that would be the future of evony growing and also buying game coins from your phone, you may be on the go but have no acess to evony then it would be right there on the iphone, i think this will be a huge hit and would deff change the way evony will be played! i hope you guys take this advice and do your thing and make another huge feature to this game, i am totally looking forward to evony being an app!:D
thanks for the best game i ever played!

sincerely, mo evony,<3
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